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What product does Sensorberg offer?

Sensorberg provides hardware and software that is independently developed and continuously improved by us. The hardware includes digital wall readers, digital locks & controls for doors, lifts, and lockers. In addition, Sensorberg offers wired and Bluetooth-enabled access variants such as Bluetooth cylinders or door handles. This means that both new buildings and existing properties can be digitally equipped without having to lay cables. Sensorberg also offers software consisting of a platform and an app. The platform monitors locations and accesses for owners and managers, while the app provides end customers with digital access on-site.

What services does Sensorberg offer?

If you choose Sensorberg as a partner for your project, you will receive a project manager who will keep you regularly informed about deliveries and planning. We also offer free training and onboarding for the software. If you choose an installation partner, we also provide free training to ensure that the hardware is installed correctly and safely. Once the project is successfully completed and goes live, you will have a dedicated Key Account Manager to deal with all your queries and requirements. Once the software is live and being used by you, annual operator fees will be charged.

What does the Sensorberg operator fee include?

The Sensorberg operator fee includes the following:

  • Provision of the Sensorberg platform and the Sensorberg app
  • Carrying out maintenance work on the Sensorberg software
  • Covering the server costs for software hosting in the cloud
  • Provision and operation of the Sensorberg hardware
  • Updating the app for iOS and Android platforms
  • Sensorberg offers telephone and e-mail support. This support relates to enquiries regarding Sensorberg hardware and software that may be faulty and is available during business hours from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm.


Who will install the Sensorberg hardware?

Sensorberg itself does not carry out the installation of the hardware. Instead, Sensorberg supplies the hardware and ensures that it is installed properly. The installation of the hardware is carried out by partner companies or other installation companies. Sensorberg is extremely flexible and always adapts to the needs of its customers in terms of partners.

Where can I find the data sheets and instructions for the hardware?

The data sheets and instructions for the hardware are available here.

How long does it take to complete delivery and installation?

Once all technical requirements have been clarified, the solution will be ready for use at your premises within 8-10 weeks.

What are the requirements for installation?

To ensure a successful installation, it is important to obtain the exact dimensions of the units or doors in advance. Depending on the application, it may also be necessary to obtain a floor plan in advance in order to precisely plan the hardware.


What exactly does the Sensorberg platform offer?

The Sensorberg platform makes it possible to intelligently network and automate buildings. The platform includes all integrated accesses, hardware products and door locks as well as other integrations. The platform offers functions such as access control, room occupancy management, security monitoring and user analysis.

What exactly does the Sensorberg app offer?

The Sensorberg app allows customers to digitally access buildings, including doors and lockers/boxes. The app can be customised by integrating the customer's design and logo. The white label app is available to customers in the App Store for Android and iOS.

Is it possible to open a door when the smartphone has no internet connection?

Yes, doors can also be opened in flight mode as long as Bluetooth is activated. This means that doors or lockers can also be opened in areas without an internet connection, such as basements or underground garages.

Technical Questions

What happens if there is a power failure?

In the event of a power failure, the building's emergency power supply kicks in so that doors can still be opened. The retrofit hardware is battery-powered and thus remains unaffected by power failures.

What is offline capability?

Offline capability means that the Sensorberg solution can be used offline in three different aspects:

1. Building (offline)

In the unlikely event that your building is disconnected from the internet, the Sensorberg devices will revert to their own cached data and continue to provide seamless access to the end user for 48 hours.

2. User (offline)

If end users find themselves in a situation where they have no or poor internet connection, all devices can continue to be used indefinitely as long as the user has Bluetooth active on their smartphone device.

3. Sensorberg Cloud (offline)

In the rare event that the Sensorberg Cloud goes down, the solution can function independently for 48 hours.


How is user data stored, who has access and when is it deleted?

User data is stored in the cloud for most customers. Sensorberg has its own cloud hosted by Open Telekom in Germany. Access to the user data is possible for the customer and our support team, although this is not mandatory. The deletion of user data can be done manually by the customer or automatically if, for example, our backend system is linked to the customer's HR system and an employee leaves the company.

What does GDPR compatible mean?

Being GDPR compliant means that a solution or product meets the requirements of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR is a data protection law that ensures that personal data is protected in the European Union and that companies that process or store personal data must comply with certain regulations. A GDPR-compliant solution therefore means that it is developed and designed to meet the requirements of the GDPR and ensure the protection of personal data.

Is Smart Building safe from cyber-attacks?

The Smart Building Gateway uses a private network to connect to the Sensorberg platform within the Microsoft Azure Cloud and is therefore protected from potential cyber-attacks.


Can the Smart Solutions be integrated with other systems?

Yes, Sensorberg's Smart Solutions can be integrated with other systems. Sensorberg is a flexible company and is open to integrations. You can find our open APIs that can be used for integration here.

Payment & Billings

How does the pricing work?

At Sensorberg, we distinguish between one-off costs for hardware and software and monthly operator fees. The monthly operator fee, which is always billed per year in advance, includes operating and development costs for the Sensorberg Smart solution. In return, customers receive an unlimited number of users, door openings and locations. For a concrete offer for your project, which we will send you within 24 hours, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

Where do I contact if I have questions about billing?

For billing questions, please feel free to email Please include your invoice number, project number and name in your message.

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