Beacon based on-the-fly IoT networks

Beacon infrastructure software for
the Internet of Things (IoT)

Sensorberg supports companies in digitalizing their business models and automating both industrial and non-industrial workflows. Retail customers witness an increase in efficiency by delivering precisely targeted marketing campaigns directly to the customer’s smartphone. Logistic and transportation companies benefit from quicker and more precise processes to monitor deliveries and trace the location of individual vehicles. Additionally, these companies are also able to remotely monitor health and usage of machinery. By implementing low-priced Beacon and sensor technology companies are able start saving money immediately by providing preventative maintenance where needed, effectively allocating personnel.


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Sensorberg’s innovation lies in its ability to digitalize business models and physical processes. Thanks to cost-effective Beacon and sensor hardware all industries have the possibility to generate comprehensive real-time information on their physical processes (human or machine) and analyze their connection with each other. Such data insights can then be used to optimize the production environment and workflows. Top-tier customers from various industries already trust Sensorberg SaaS solutions to improve supply chain processes, optimize physical workflows and engage with offline customers.

What makes Sensorberg unique?

      Open technology architecture
      Fully scalable infrastructure
      Cutting edge security
      Offline capability
      Support for all mobile operating systems
      Support for all beacon standards
      Beacon independent
      SDKs open source
    Cost efficient

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