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Our Story


Sensorberg's journey began in Berlin with a commitment to transforming structures into intelligent, adaptive spaces.

From the outset, our focus was on harnessing the power of IoT for the groundbreaking evolution of access control and occupancy monitoring.


Sensorberg proudly positions itself as a provider of Smart Access solutions, propelling structures into spheres of intelligence, fortifying security, and optimising efficiency.

Our unwavering dedication to innovation permeates each offering, ensuring that spaces transcend mere occupancy to become intelligently experienced.

Leveraging our expertise in access control solutions, Sensorberg has emerged as an authority in the self-storage industry, as well as in the dynamic domains of co-working environments and office spaces.


Looking ahead, Sensorberg is focused on continuous technological evolution. We are dedicated to refining and expanding our smart access solutions to align with evolving trends and diverse customer needs.

Our commitment extends beyond innovation; we aim to play a pivotal role in fostering a balanced and sustainable future.

Sensorberg envisions a world where technology not only adapts but contributes to the harmonious development of the spaces we inhabit.

Certfied Security.
Innovation Award Winner.

Our Purpose

To enable the physical world to be digitally accessible.

Our Mission

To offer standardised, simple, reliable solutions that work.

Our Vision

To create innovative, intelligent, automated AI solutions for customers interacting with any type of space.

Our Team

Based in Berlin, we are a dedicated team serving clients throughout Europe.
Driven by a strong purpose, mission, and vision, we strive to make a positive impact.

“Our team is the driving force propelling our success. Each member contributes something distinctive, sparking innovation and pushing boundaries.“

Daniel Gillard
CTPO / Managing Director

“In our company, we're all about collaboration. We bring together our expertise and passion to reach new heights, together.“

Tony Manthey
CFO / Managing Director

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Meet our talented team members who embody these values and contribute to our success. Together, we exceed client expectations and make a meaningful difference in the industry.

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