Posted on January 24, 2024 Tech Updates

One Access App – Your Key to All Doors

One Access App is the newest solution prepared by the Sensorberg Team. In the last few months we talked with our customers, researched best practices and looked for ways in which we could improve the user experience. After evaluating all the data, we knew what the biggest struggles are of operating a storage facility or an office building and we wanted to make sure that the One Access App will solve them.

Offline and Online Openings 

Even if it seems that the internet is everywhere there are situations where the signal strength is not strong enough to provide safe and quick online door openings. That’s why we make sure that all One Access customers can access their doors both when their online with network connection and offline using Bluetooth.

Search with List and Grid View Support 

Loading and searching through the list of thousands of doors can be difficult. Because of that we decided to support two ways of displaying list of doors – grid view – optimised for smaller sets of doors and list view for those who need to have access to hundreds or even thousands of doors. We improved the app speed to make sure that all the items load quickly. We also added the search feature which helps to quickly find needed door by simply typing its name.

Favourites For Most Frequently Opened Doors 

Understanding that your users may frequently access only a limited number of doors, we have introduced a feature that lets them add specific doors to their favorites. These favorited doors will be readily accessible within the Favorites section, enabling quicker and more convenient access.

Theming and Branding  

Our solution offers you the flexibility to add your brand identity into the One Access App. By enabling custom branding colors, your customers will immediately recognize your logo and brand when they log in. Our branding options seamlessly adapt to both dark and light themes, ensuring accessibility and responsiveness are optimized throughout the app.

Strengthening Account Security 

Our latest updates prioritize enhancing account security. With One Access App, users now have the autonomy to set and reset their passwords at their convenience. This empowers users to take better control of their account safety.

Continuous Development 

We want to make sure that the One Access App helps user to quickly and safely access their doors. That is why the app is being constantly updated and we plan at least few major updates in upcoming months. Some of the planned enhancements are: