Posted on January 22, 2024 Tech Updates

Operator Control Board Dashboard to Check Health of Your Facility 

Managing facilities with numerous doors can be challenging. It’s hard to see how many people visited the facility, identify the most active days and months for users, and detect issues with door access promptly. The difficulty of this tasks only escalates with the facility’s size. Because of that we have developed a dashboard that simplifies these processes, enabling you to quickly see the most important statistics and detect any disruptions in your facility. 

Quickly Check What Is Happening Right Now 

In the live Requests and Door Status table you can check all the request and door statuses. Thanks to that you can see who made the request and which doors are being currently opened or closed. If some doors are opened for more that 3 hours, we will mark them for you so you can check if the doors are closed or if there is some issue that needs to be addressed.  

Hardware Stability 

With the Device Status table you can quickly check if all the doors are operational and if there is any need to check network or hardware setup in the facility.  

General Statistics 

We want to give you overview of how the business operates. In Visitors Through the Year table you can see which months are more active, and how many visitors you have. We will also share with you statistics of users who visited the facility in the last 7 days and let you know how many doors were opened in that time. This can allow you to better understand traffic in your facility and plan additional resources if needed. 

Planned Features 

In the upcoming months, we are planning of to release new versions of the Dashboard as well as adding more features to Operator Control Board to help you better manage your Facility. Here are some of the features.