Posted on February 2, 2021 Self-Storage

Sensorberg Digitalises Three New Storemore Self-Storage Locations

Berlin, 2nd of February 2021 – PropTech Sensorberg, which specializes in the digitization of real estate and Smart Storage Solutions, has equipped two new locations in Bielefeld and Leipzig with a total of over 10,000 m² with technical infrastructure and software for digital access control for the self-storage provider storemore. The next project is already in the planning stage. 

storemore is a brand of Selbstlagerbox Gmbh from Leipzig and is on a growth course in Germany. The offer includes flexible storage boxes with capacities ranging from one to 60 m³. The implemented Smart Storage Solution from Sensorberg enables contactless opening of the storage boxes directly via an app on the smartphone. This gives customers round-the-clock access to the premises as well as to their own box in the building. Door and storage box opening via smartphone using the storemore app not only works online, but also offline via Bluetooth. This minimizes the risk of downtime. All digital features are controlled via Sensorberg’s IoT platform. In addition to door and storage box opening,  this can be expanded at any time to include other applications such as temperature or lighting control.

Stefan Scheuerle, CEO of Sensorberg, says: “storemore was looking for a way to simplify the very complex allocation of access rights at its sites. With our solution, the entire process can be mapped digitally. This reduces operating costs and administration effort, and allows storemore to offer users the greatest possible service in the form of more secure and permanent access to their boxes. Likewise, contactless opening is of great advantage right now in pandemictimes.” 

​​Christin Walton, Head of Marketing & Sales at storemore, says: “With the launch of our new premium brand storemore, it was clear to us that we wanted to move away from the industry-standard padlocks to a fully digitalized access control system. After months of research, we decided on Sensorberg.Decisive points for us were that the new lock system could already be controlled via an app and that there was an offline option that ensured smooth day-to-day operations in the event of a power outage. The planning and implementation at the first site presented major challenges, which were resolved very quickly and in a solution-oriented manner in cooperation with Sensorberg. We are grateful to have such a committed partner at our side and look forward to implementing future projects together.”  

Berlin-based Sensorberg GmbH develops hardware and software for the digitalization and automation of buildings. The PropTech specializes in solutions for coworking spaces, commercial and residential real estate and self-storage. Sensorberg installs access control systems and also equips buildings with a comprehensive digital infrastructure that can be used to easily and transparently control all processes via smartphone or tablet, from room booking to temperature control and the opening of lockers to visitor management. The intelligent technology can be connected to all management systems already in use. By evaluating the collected data, operators or owners have the opportunity to manage their buildings with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. When implementing the individually tailored building solutions, Sensorberg can also combine different manufacturer systems hardware-independently to dock onto the open IoT platform in the background. The PropTech currently employs 30 people.

About storemore  
storemore is a brand of Selbstlagebox GmbH, which opened its first self-storage branch in Leipzig back in 2010, making it the first provider of external storage space on the eastern German market. More branches quickly followed in Leipzig and Dresden.  

In the summer of 2020, the company launched a new premium brand, storemore, under which stores have already been opened in Leipzig and Bielefeld and more are planned, including in Halle, Magdeburg, Potsdam and Dortmund. Storage boxes are offered for rent to private and business customers from 1-60 m³ with numerous additional services such as parcel and pallet acceptance, round-the-clock access, free van rental upon move-in and comprehensive insurance coverage. One of the most important pillars of the concept is security. In addition to comprehensive video surveillance as well as alarm and fire detection systems, an identity check is carried out when a contract is signed and now also sophisticated access control through the allocation of digital access rights.  Plans for the future include not only numerous additional branches, but also the expansion of the service offering and the complete digitization and integration of all customer processes. 

Press contact at Sensorberg
Karoline Pantera
PR/Marketing Manager 
Sensorberg GmbH 
Chausseestrasse 86 
10115 Berlin 

Press contact at storemore 
Christin Walton 
Head of Marketing & Sales 
Zwickauer Str. 56b 
04103 Leipzig