Berlin / Vienna, March 13th 2015 – The renowned, Berlin-based Beacon infrastructure provider Sensorberg and the Austrian specialist for indoor positioning and navigation,, enter a strategic partnership for international projects.

The cooperation includes an extensive cooperation concerning joint technical projects. The successful start of this symbiosis could be experienced by participants of the ‘iBeacon – the new normal’. Alexander Oelling, Founder & CEO of Sensorberg, held the workshop and provided in-depth details in regards to iBeacon technology and demonstrated an exclusive indoor navigation case under real conditions. The live demonstration was met with enthusiasm among the participants.

‘From now on, we combine our practical experience, expertise and know-how in the strategic partnership in order to carry out combined use cases with the highest possible precision, quality and security’, says Alexander Oelling.

The strategic partnership includes sales-oriented as well as technical topics. In the future, the iBeacon navigation solution and the Sensorberg iBeacon Cloud Services will be technically combined to reach the highest level of security and performance. Furthermore, a joint international sales approach is planned for different industries. The two products complement each other very well. The technical integration will set an example for quality and comfort of use. Especially their clients will profit from the partnership of the two leading iBeacon providers.

‘The Sensorberg services are the perfect addition to our services and also are of interest to many of our clients. We look forward to a close technical and strategic cooperation. Today’s event was a perfect example of how the two services interact’, says Bernd Gruber, Co-Founder & CEO of GmbH.