Give your customers peace of mind when storing their belongings

Today people need easy, secure, more flexible storing solutions.

Moving is often an emotional rollercoaster. Feelings of excitement, fear, confusion and stress come together. Self storage spaces are there to take care of the headaches associated with storing your belongings and give you peace of mind.

Delivering a great customer experience is crucial and technology can be a powerful enabler for this. Start simplifying your customers moving process and reduce your own operating costs considerably.

Missed the package delivery guy again? Well maybe you do not live in a building with a smart freightbox.

 With this central and automated storage space within residential or office buildings you will never miss you package again. Wether DHL, UPS Hermes or any other delivery company is serving you, all packages will be stored in that space, which will notify you and which you can access with your phone.

Carrying a key that has been in the hands of hundreds of people before when you are using a public locker? Not with the smart lockers we provide. Booking and access is all done with your app in your pocket.