iBeacon will support the industry in the future – roll out at the Hannover Messe

Berlin / Hannover. The success of Sensorberg’s iBeacon solution premiere at the CeBIT 2014 lays the basis for a next step of expansion. The Deutsche Messe AG and Sensorberg will present new applications for industries at the Hannover Messe 2014.

After Sensorberg showcased a huge iBeacon roll out for a pilot project at the CeBIT 2014, the extension of the technology to diverse use cases in the industrial sector is already in progress. This year’s edition of the Hannover Messe, from April 7th 2014 to April 11th 2014 represents a great basis for the iBeacon solution provider Sensorberg to extend its positioning to the industry. With the Deutsche Messe AG presents the iBeacon technology through service and marketing modules at the Hannover Messe entrances, at some pavilions, in the fair’s buses and some live presentations, Sensorberg will present innovative industrial use cases at its stand.

“Through our Beacon Management Platform, we provide any user with a solution to implement any iBeacon-based application – the technology offers a multiplicity of possibilities and use cases in the industry “, said Alexander Oelling, founder of Sensorberg. Thus in the future, the servicing processes in a plant, from navigation to documentation, could be reorganized and gain in efficiency. Other use cases can be found in the domain of logistic processes. The fields of application are huge.

How does the app work for the visitors of the Hannover Messe 2014?

A visitor of the exhibition needs to have the current fair’s app (for iOS or Android) installed on his smartphone and Bluetooth switched on. Any mobile device working on iOS 7 or Android 4.3 Jellybean and equipped with Bluetooth LE entering the emission radius of a Beacon will then receive, through services running in the background, a notification.

Beacon locations:

Visitors can get information about free tours of the fair proposed at the Hannover Messe at any entrance of the exhibition. In buses leading there, thanks to notifications sent to their smartphones triggered by Beacons, visitors are provided with info about the program of the day. All the pavilions of the “Tec2You” propose notifications about site plans, job offers as well as company presentations. “Job and career” provides an access to job portals and at the “Automation IT tour”, information about exhibits can be found. Also, the locations of exhibitors can be found on site plan within the app.