SENSORBERG’s iBeacon at the CEBIT 2014

Berlin. After a successful first round of investment in December 2013, Sensorberg takes again a great step forward, scarcely three months later. The Deutsche Messe AG puts for the first time Sensorberg’s iBeacon solution into operation at the CeBIT 2014, thus laying the basis of an international cooperation between the Deutsche Messe AG and Sensorberg GmbH.

What does Sensorberg do?

Sensorberg uses a new radio transmitting technology developed by Apple named “iBeacon”. The Beacons of the size of a matchbox to coin (or also Bluetooth 4.0 transmitters) are transmitters able to send notifications to mobile devices such as smartphones, iPads or tablets, based on the new 4.0 Bluetooth standard. They make it possible to propose location-based services, and thus for companies to establish direct contacts with their customers at the Point of Sale and to propose them services like relevant information, indoor navigation, current offers and coupons or even mobile payment.

Sensorberg’s iBeacon at the CeBIT 2014!

The Deutsche Messe AG, through its cooperation with Sensorberg, is one of the first firms in Europe to test the iBeacon technology in real conditions. “We see a huge potential in the use of this technology, especially in the field of fair organization”, said Marius Felzmann, division manager for CeBIT/Deutsche Messe AG.

As an all-round service company, Sensorberg provides, besides the hardware in the form of Beacons, a software development kit (SDK) which can be integrated in existing applications for iOS or Android and the cloud-based content management platform. Thanks to Beacons, retailers, brands, advertising agencies and numerous other entities can send any content to smartphones within the transmission range of a beacon, such as up-to-date information, product descriptions, recommendations, etc.

Through the Beacon Management Platform developed and provided by Sensorberg, notifications can be created and configured to reach their targets at the right time and right place. The Beacons provide visitors of the CeBIT 2014 with information and services at the hall entrances and directly on the exhibition areas intended for this purpose. The iBeacon technology has been especially installed in the pavilion 11 on the occasion of the “Tec2You”, as well as in “job and career” hall 9.

How does this work for the visitors of the fair?

The fair visitor has the current CEBIT-App installed on his smartphone (iOS as well as Android) and the Bluetooth service activated. Then, he can receive targeted and relevant notifications on his smartphone upon entrance in the transmission range of a Beacon – a few meters in this case – as for example job offers. If he leaves this area, notifications disappear automatically from his screen.