Berlin, June 2017 – Sensorberg’s innovative Beacon solution will support and digitalize one of the biggest tech festivals in Europe: the Tech Open Air 2017 from the 11th until the 14th of July.

Until the beginning of July 2017, Tech Open Air (TOA), Europe’s leading interdisciplinary technology festival, will implement Sensorberg’s beacon and geofences technology and install 200 beacons on the total site area of the Funkhaus Berlin and at Satellite locations throughout Berlin.

Sensorberg’s proximity platform will enable TOA to track the number of app users movement patterns during the conference and provide insights into: crowd movements, traffic at expo stands, user dwell times, movement profiles of visitors and retargeting capabilities. Sensorberg will also establish geofences for 200 satellites locations around Berlin. The TOA Berlin app will be developed by Festivality, a digital agency building smart mobile apps for event and festivals, and enable TOA to reach most of the event's visitors with smart push notifications.

The push notifications and campaigns will be set-up and managed in the Sensorberg IoT platform by TOA and Festivality. These location specific notifications will include welcome messages, sponsor promotions in strategic locations, inform visitors about starting events in their vicinity and request feedback after the conference.

How does the app work for the visitors of the TOA 2017?

Visitors who have installed the TOA Berlin-App (available for iOS or Android) have the opportunity to receive location-specific, targeted information directly on their smart device. Beacons, installed at various locations throughout the facility, establish virtual zones within the event halls and are used to locate relevant content. Once visitors enter the established zones, they receive targeted push notifications directing them to current exhibitor content and solutions or events taking place close by. For example, “A panel discussion on recent IoT developments will begin in a few minutes on the Stage 2. Don’t miss it!”

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About TOA

Tech Open Air (TOA), founded in Berlin by Nikolas Woischnik, is the first and largest interdisciplinary technology festival in Europe dedicated to bringing together tech, music, art & science through knowledge exchange and collaboration. Next to the interactive conferences about the newest tech trends in the startup and tech world, the four-day event also includes more than 200 satellite events across Berlin. TOA represents Berlin’s uniqueness and contributed to the success and development of the city’s tech and startup ecosystem. Within the past five years, the festival grew from being a crowdfunded festival to international grandeur. For its first investment round, it managed to win over big names like the founders of SoundCloud, Native Instruments, Hello Fresh, Zalando, OneFootball or Berlin startup veterans like Christophe Maire (Atlantic Labs) and Project A. TOA is part of the Tech Open Family, which also includes the 5000sqm Coworking Space Ahoy Berlin, the online platform TechBerlin and the startup service provider Openers.

About Sensorberg

Sensorberg is a Berlin-based technology company which was founded in 2013. Originally Sensorberg was known as a professional operator of beacon-technology. Today, Sensorberg is one of the leading IoT-Platforms and offers a multitude of industry solutions, making digitisation in corporations a reality. Under the motto “Merging the physical with the digital world”, Sensorberg enables its clients to easily and quickly implement all kinds of IoT industry scenarios. Based on the most relevant location-technologies like bluetooth, RFID, geofences, Ultrawideband, QR-codes or WiFi, Sensorberg accelerates the digital transformation of various industry sectors. For companies of all sizes, Sensorberg allows safe, context- and location-based services as well as detailed insights in physical and digital business models. Sensorberg as about 30 employees and is headquartered in Berlin. CEO is Michael von Roeder.