Berlin, October 5th 2017 – Sensorberg’s innovative Smart Workspace solution will be deployed throughout the new Factory Berlin IoT Campus – the second IoT campus for Europe’s largest business club for start-ups.

Sensorberg's Smart Workspace enables the digitization of various aspects of work and business. The solution consists of only three components: the Access Hub (intelligent open hardware) to control doors, a Mobile App (instead of a traditional RFID access card), and a Control Center (web-platform) for building managers. This simplicity offers continuous flexibility even within large installations.

Access Hub

Mobile App

Control Center

The Factory Berlin will implement Sensorberg’s Smart Workspace solution. With this modern access control system, Factory members will need only their smartphones and Factory’s mobile app to open any of the 150 doors on campus. All doors are equipped with Sensorberg's custom developed sensor-gateway. To open a door, Factory members simply open the mobile app and tap their phone against the gateway. As an additional layer of security, the user is required to validate himself either with a personal PIN or via biometric authentication (e.g. fingerprint sensor). If the user has been given access privileges to that area of the building, the door will unlock and automatically slide open. The system is much safer than one with traditional keys or cards, as access privileges can be revoked immediately in case of loss or theft.

Users also have the option to directly book private meeting rooms by simply tapping the gateway, installed next to the meeting room doors. The dedicated mobile app shows which rooms are booked, provides a quick overview of current building occupancy and allows Factory members to find and book a free room for themselves.

For Factory guests or in case members forget their phone at home, a secondary system - based on card beacons - will provide temporary access. Just tap the gateway with the card and, if the user has been assigned access rights to that area, the door will open. Factory members who wish to host visitors can request single or multiple guest cards.

Management via Web-Platform

User and access management will be administrated via the Sensorberg developed web frontend. Each Factory employee with admin access will not only be able to open a door from the web interface but also assign door access rights to individual users or user groups. Guest management will similarly be administered via the web-frontend: new guests can be created, assigned to other users, and deleted.

“Sensorberg's innovative Smart Workspace solution merges the digital with the real world. Our partnership with Factory Berlin will give a decisive advantage in workplace optimization to facilitate work processes, improve workflows, and help the Factory employees to move effectively and digitally throughout the building.“ - Michael von Roeder, CEO of Sensorberg.

"We are very pleased to have Sensorberg as our partner. They’ve implemented a custom-made IoT solution at our new location allowing us to offer our members an innovative service that fits perfectly to the Factory." - Udo Schloemer, founder and CEO of Factory Berlin.

About Factory Berlin

The Factory Berlin is Europe's largest business club for start-ups and offers its members a platform for mutual networking and cooperation. The aim of this membership model is to bring corporations and small and medium-sized companies together with start-ups in order to advance the digital economy in Europe. Founded in 2011 by CEO Udo Schloemer, Factory operates the largest start-up club in Germany and Europe, with locations in Berlin Mitte and next to Görlitzer Park. Covering a total of 23,000 square meters, the factory brings together globally operating technology companies with as young talents and start-ups, such as SoundCloud and Uber. The community members are supported with partnerships, training and cooperation possibilities and have access to the offices and event areas of Factory Berlin. Further information is available at

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About Sensorberg

Sensorberg is a Berlin-based technology company which was founded in 2013. Originally Sensorberg was known as a professional operator of beacon-technology. Today, Sensorberg is one of the leading IoT-Platforms and offers a multitude of industry solutions, making digitization in corporations a reality. Under the motto "Merging the physical with the digital world", Sensorberg digitizes buildings and physical processes in offices, co-working spaces, hospitals and industry. Sensorberg has about 30 employees and is headquartered in Berlin. CEO is Michael von Roeder. Further information about our solution is available at  Sensorberg Smart Workspace.

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