iBeacon – Very soon, a city stroll will be the occasion to collect bonus points and get rewards.

net-Com AG and the iBeacon provider Sensorberg GmbH revolutionize mobile marketing for retail stores as well as city marketing with the new iBeacon technology, thus increasing the attractiveness of city centers.

Osnabrück/Berlin. PremioCent meets iBeacon. The company net-Com AG in Osnabrück, and Sensorberg look forward to the partnership agreement they recently closed together. Along with it, both companies lay the foundation for the realization of an app enabling retailers to propose location-relevant services on mobile devices and reward clients for their visit with PremioCents.

net-Com AG, IT service provider for German cities, towns and rural districts, is the operating company behind the reward-system “PremioCent”, which already gathers almost 10000 active users having the possibility to accumulate reward points in almost 60000 locations throughout Germany – so far, about 3000 rewards have been distributed in exchange of those points. After the acquisition of the PremioCent reward platform by the Deutsche Stadtmarketing Gesellschaft in 2013, net-Com AG brings together in an ideal way the common interests of city and retail. The aim is to increase both the attractiveness of localities and customer traffic. Relying on its own customer relationship and a network of partners, PremioCent will be rolled out in hundredth of cities by the end of 2015.

Sensorberg, provider of the Beacon Management Platform, exploits the new radio technology called “iBeacon”. Beacons are radio transmitters able to send notifications to mobile devices such as smartphones or iPads, via the Bluetooth 4.0 standard.

The partnership between net-Com AG and Sensorberg revolutionizes mobile marketing for retail as well as for catering or service providers. It also makes it possible in the near future for a PremioCent user to be greeted on his smartphone upon entrance in a store, or to be awarded a Coupon on his PremioCent account without buying anything. The whole process will happen automatically, without any action from the part of the customer.

The customer can then redeem the PremioCent credits on his account into rewards, which he can get directly at a nearby store: a win-win situation. PremioCent users can enjoy free products of any partner provider, without having to spend money, and brick-and-mortar stores benefit of a higher number of customer and visitors, also in smaller towns and less frequented districts.

Through the cooperation between net-Com AG and Sensorberg, city marketing will also be completely redefined. The net-Com AG has acquired numerous privileged contacts with German cities during many years of developing city portals and apps for public entities. Through targeted campaigns, residents and visitors will be incentivized on mobile devices to visit the city centers. For instance, in an iBeacon technology equipped downtown, information about touristic attractions and interesting exhibitions, or rewards and bonuses for entertaining activities could be received via the smartphone.