Sensorberg Beacons and zanox Safari: analysis of a unique Beacon application at dmexco 2014 involving more than 30 partner companies.

Berlin, Cologne. The use of revolutionary technology and the interaction of more than 30 partner companies that took part in our pilot project enabled zanox and Sensorberg GmbH to carry out a unique “Beacons use case” at the 2014 edition of dmexco .

To visualize and evaluate the possibilities of combining digital marketing with the Point of Sale, zanox has on this occasion conceived a game for the visitors in the form of a gaming app. For this concept of event game, more than 30 partner companies could be convinced, among which ImmobilienScout24, Trakken, TWT, Ladenzeile etc., which had placed a Sensorberg Beacon on their stand.

Visitors, clients, partners and employees have thus had the opportunity to get an entertaining insight of the possibilities offered by the combination of the online and offline worlds. With the app installed on the smartphone, each player could convert its stands’ visits into game points on a leaderboard and try to reach the highest ranking.

To further incite people to play, amazing prizes were awarded upon reach of special scores. As a conclusion of this experimentation, zanox organized an award ceremony at the dmexco trade fair.

Although implemented as an experiment, this has clearly demonstrated that the observation of customer flows at the Point of Sale opens new dimensions, notably for the optimization of end consumer’s personalization of offers.

“Thanks to this experiment conceived by zanox, we have had the opportunity to demonstrate once again that Sensorberg’s iBeacon technology offers a wide range of potential use cases for marketing, retail, events and a lot of other sectors. We thank zanox and all the partner companies for this successful cooperation and the realization of this innovative project”, says Alexander Oelling, CEO of Sensorberg GmbH.