Berlin, April 14th 2015. Sensorberg makes parts of its Beacon Management Software available for general and free use.

Alexander Oelling, founder and CEO of the leading Beacon infrastructure provider Sensorberg, announced today that Sensorberg will make selected parts of its unparalleled Beacon Management Software available for general use and further development as open source.

“With the release of our SDK for Android (iOS coming soon), we do not only facilitate the cross-platform development of Beacon or proximity software, but also provide, through the open source license, complete control and further development options during the implementation”, says Alexander Oelling, Founder & CEO of Sensorberg.

Thus, Sensorberg enables other software developers and users to develop their own solutions based on the advanced, freely available Sensorberg software in order to foster Beacon integrations worldwide. Through the free availability of software, every developer can use it for commercial projects and thereby drastically reduce resources in form of time and money.

“With our open source software, we want to set a new standard for Beacon and proximity software and advance the development of technical tools and solutions. The Beacon infrastructure is a valuable complement to the widely discussed ‘Internet of Things’”, says Oelling. Furthermore, he wants to encourage all developers to become actively involved in further software development and to actively provide feedback to Sensorberg.

With regards to “Internet of Things”, the iBeacon and proximity technology solves the challenge of “Discovery Effects”. This means that the technology initiates the specific data transfer between applications and information stored in the cloud. In addition, it facilitates the localization of networked devices.

The Sensorberg open source software is subject to the following license:

The open source software includes the SDKs for Android (iOS coming soon) and the server-side API for the allocation of information to iBeacon-compatible devices (mapping). The MIT license [1] for commercial and non-commercial use is applicable in this respect.

[1] The MIT license, also known as X license or X11 license, is a license issued by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology regarding the use of different types of software. It allows the reuse of its underlying software for: software including a free source code as well as for software whose source code is not openly accessible.