Minodes has already installed over 2,000 Bluetooth Beacons for both German and international clients, that will soon be managed via the Sensorberg Beacon Management Platform.

Berlin, 8th September 2015. Sensorberg, developers of the market-leading Beacon management platform, and Minodes, leading retail analytics and omnichannel retargeting partner for brick-and-mortar retailers, have announced a partnership to provide a jointly marketed platform solution.

Since 2013, Sensorberg GmbH, based in Berlin, develops and provides a beacon-based, platform-independent, all-in-one proximity campaign solution. Its core being its cloud-based management platform, which enables proximity campaigns to be: planned, designed and managed. Sensorberg provides an SDK (software-development kit) that can be incorporated into any app, rendering it beacon-compatible, and supports all beacon standards: Apple’s iBeacon, Google’s Eddystone and the Microsoft 10 standard.

Along with the “Sensorberg Management Platform,” the “Sensorberg Proximity Network” enables every user to securely and stably build-up and monetize it own App- or Beacon-sharing infrastructure. With its open source software approach, since 2015, Sensorberg provides a new global Beacon-standard.

Minodes is now able to utilize Sensorberg’s standard in combination with its own retail-analysis-technology for brick-and-mortar retail locations. Through the integration of various data sources and technologies – including BLE Beacons -, Minodes provides its clients with insights into end-consumer behavior at point-of-sale and offers transparency on strategic potential and the characteristics of the retail space. Through the use of beacons, proximity marketing and location-based services are able to bring something new to the “typical” shopping experience. The end-client is able to receive added value directly at the point-of-sale, positively affecting their purchase-decisions and behavior, as well as their connection and association to the physical location. At the same time, customer flow and foot-traffic can be precisely tracked according to time and location, making marketing campaigns both measurable and scalable. By evaluating the knowledge gained, retailers have the possibility to optimize the product layout and the sales process, including approaches such as cross-channel marketing campaigns direct at point-of-sale.

“In combination with our retail analytics platform and the Beacon-based direct customer approach enabled by the Sensorberg-Network, we can offer our retail clients the optimal tools to improve any shopping experience. We are very excited about the newly established cooperation with the Beacon-infrastructure-provider Sensorberg. Together we enable a revolutionary shopping experience, and thereby measureable sales increases for retailers” – Tim Wegner, Founder and Managing Director of Minodes.

The complete package offering of both companies allows every B2B client to extend beacon capability to their own mobile applications, as well as manage and control, through the Sensorberg Platform, the beacons and delivered content. Additionally, through Minodes’ retail analytics, B2B clients receive accurate and relevant insights into the purchase behavior of their clients, throughout the offline-customer-journey. Together with these findings retailers are able to optimize successful marketing actions, retail floor space and customer satisfaction.