Neo in cooperation with Sensorberg brings Beacon based technology business models to the market, enabling optimal communication with customers at the point of interest and providing infrastructure solutions for cooperative networks of marketers and brands.

Hamburg / Berlin – Neo, full-service digital signage and digital out-of-home marketer, and Europe’s leading beacon software provider, Sensorberg, announce their strategic partnership.

Beacons are small Bluetooth transmitters that broadcast their presence to mobile devices in their proximity, and can be used for numerous use cases. Neo and Sensorberg together provide digital screen networks integrated with beacon technology. “Our partnership will give a decisive advantage especially for brands, namely it will make interaction with customers even easier, directly at the PoS, “said Alexander Oelling, CEO of Sensorberg.

Since May 2016, the first round of campaigns are already active in over 1,000 food retail locations. The focus is on activating the consumer at the point of sale as well as measurably increasing sales for retailers.

Consumers will encounter an entirely new shopping experience through digital posters (ex. ePosters) with Beacon location based services and proximity marketing campaigns. The added value the customer receives at the point of interest has a positive effect not only on purchasing behavior, but also increases brand loyalty and the probably of a return visit.

The Beacon-based proximity technology can be deployed in central shopping areas, generating data which provides insights into consumer behavior and provides transparency on the strategic potential and the conceptual nature of the retail space.

For the first time, very precise information regarding the time and place of customer flows is able to be automatically collected, and the scalability of successful offline marketing campaigns has never been easier. By analyzing the collected information, retailers now have the possibility to optimize floor space layouts as well as to run cross-channel marketing campaigns. “Thanks to the partnership with Sensorberg, Neo is better digitally equipped and can expand its digital marketing offerings,” Sven Jacobi, Managing Partner Neo.

About Sensorberg

Sensorberg, the market leader in beacon software, was founded in 2013 by Alexander Oelling. Sensorberg provides an infrastructure software for beacon networks, enabling customers in a secure and stable way to create their own proprietary beacon networks through app, beacon and content sharing. By capturing the huge potential which proximity technology presents, Sensorberg is able to support companies in the digitalization of their business models and in the automatization of industrial and non-industrial workflows. Use cases are wide spread, ranging from the digital transformation of industrial processes to offline coupon redemption.

About Neo

Neo Advertising, an international media company and one of the leading digital signage and DOOH providers worldwide. Neo installs, operates and markets digital signage systems in five countries and with more than 50,000 screens worldwide and is the market leader in the field of digital media for use at point of sale (POS) / Point of Information (POI). Other clients of Neo include the global trade group, Unilever, the largest German retail chain, Edeka, and Germany’s leading cinema operator, CinemaxX. CEO of Neo Advertising GmbH, headquartered in Hamburg, is Sven C. Jacobi.