Sensorberg and the Sparkassen-Finanzportal agreed on a strategic cooperation and are currently working together on a Beacon service solution for the customers of Sparkasse.

Berlin / Düsseldorf. It is under the motto “Revolutionary: the future of customer approach through iBeacon” that Alexander Oelling (Sensorberg) together with Marco Massier (SFP) presented Sensorberg’s iBeacon technology at the Sparkassen-Finanzportal (SFP) 2014 forum. During 2 days, specialists and managers from the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe have had the opportunity to learn more about it in the course of five workshops with exciting use cases of the Sensorberg Beacon Management Platform.

The Sparkassen-Finanzportal GmbH, represented by CEO Oliver Lux and Sebastian Garbe, is the 120 employee Internet service provider of Sparkasse-Finanzgruppe and supports Sparkasse in its media distribution. The portfolio of the Sparkassen-Finanzportal is subsequently oriented towards the needs of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe and encompasses central solutions for digital customer contact points, as for instance the portal sparkasse.de, thus maintaining and improving the web presence of the 417 Sparkassen. More than 15 million customers use these online solutions.

The iBeacon technology can be used as a bridge to link online and offline world and to spark a significant increase in customer interaction and in the use of services and consulting.

iBeacon proposes a cost-efficient and energy-saving alternative to Near Field Communication (NFC) and allows digital interaction with the customer, e.g. in front of a branch via his digital mobile device. Any mobile device equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and iOS 7 or Android 4.3 that enters the transmission range of a Beacon receives a notification about special contents – which had beforehand been registered via the Sensorberg Management Platform.

The smartphones do not only provide the end consumer with an interactive insight into the range of products available, an event calender and his appointments, it also can call the attention to some actions and service information. Therefore the iBeacon technology paves the way to a multitude of thrilling use cases.