As the first iBeacon startup of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, Sensorberg GmbH completed its first round of funding and is now looking for talented people to extend its team.

Berlin. Sensorberg GmbH, one of the winners of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Program in Berlin received, as the first startup, a €750.000 investment. The Berlin Technologie Holding GmbH has thus been welcomed as a new investor among the business angels already supporting the company.

The recently closed financing round paves the way to rollout

Shortly before Christmas, on the December 12th 2013, Sensorberg GmbH ( successfully closed the first financing round for its Beacon Management Platform. In addition to the founders and business angels, the Berlin-based start-up managed to win over the BTH (Berlin Holding GmbH) as a new strategic investor. With this new capital, Sensorberg aims at building up its Beacon Management Platform and a wide Beacon network.

The startup, founded in 2013, is a partner of renowned international retailers and currently works on the expansion of its activities. Sensorberg is the first mover in Germany in the market of “iBeacon technology” and has already begun the development of its software months ago.

The iBeacon technology, based on the new BLE technology, permits to transmit information to owners of mobile devices such as iPads or iPhones, via notifications. Those are designed to motivate user to make certain actions in a shop through the targeted use of an App.

A strong asset of this technology is that mobile devices – or their owners – are close to the Beacons. This makes it possible to propose location-related content. The technology is already widespread in the USA. For instance, users will be able to receive all current offers displayed on their mobile device screen as they enter a shop. The possible applications of the technology are diverse and very innovative.

“The Sensorberg team has built up a unique Beacon Management Platform for a first use case. We look forward to contribute actively to the growth and development of new fields of use”, says Jörn-Carlos Kuntze, managing partner of the Berlin Holding GmbH.

“The outstanding potential, the innovative technology and addressable markets as well as the strong, experienced management team let us believe that Sensorberg GmbH will be a real success story”, says Hans J. Even, partner at the Berlin Holding GmbH.

“Our Beacon Management Platform brings notifications on the iPhone, iPad, etc. In the future, when a customer enters an area equipped with Beacons, he will receive a notification with relevant information”, adds Alexander Oelling, founder of Sensorberg.

Apple first introduced the iBeacon technology at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2013. The Beacon is a wireless transmission technology based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This technology enables data transmission over many meters for minimum energy consumption. Low production costs for the external Bluetooth modules is an additional asset for the technology. BLE is supported not only by Apple, but also by Google’s Android (version 4.3 and over). Many other hardware providers also use it.

“The applications of our Beacon Management Platform are numerous; scalability is huge. Use cases in location-based marketing extend to home automation, indoor navigation and authentication or even mobile payment. Users are notified on site about a relevant service and motivated, for instance, to use the app of a certain provider. Now we are looking for qualified employees in the fields of marketing, sales, retail and software development,” says Alexander Oelling.