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Posted on November 20, 2022 Smart Lockers

Locker, open up!

In the era of mobile workplaces and flexible lifestyle, we feel more and more need to use lockers. Whether in office, while grocery shopping, at train stations and swimming pools… Almost everyone is familiar with the situation when you immediately needed to use a locker but did not have a one Euro coin, or when you did not know where to put the locker key. Usually you would have to use either bulky key chains or less convenient wristbands.

With the Smart Locker solution from Sensorberg you can open your locker as easy and fast as your door - all with just one device. Everything you need is your smartphone with a dedicated app, which enables you booking, opening, closing and storing your valuables in a locker. No keys, no coins, no numerical codes. Another advantage over traditional locks and lockers is that our system thinks along. Let’s Imagine a situation that you are leaving the office in the hectic and rush and forget your belongings in the locker. Well, no worries! You will automatically receive a notification-reminder on your phone, when leaving the building.

Of course security is also very important to us, so without verification with a personal PIN or biometric authentication no one but you can access your encrypted locker. Here we followed our goal to put the user in the spotlight and coordinate all the processes with him.

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