“It’s finally weekend and what could be better than a walk on a sunny Sunday afternoon towards the Mauerpark,” thought Klara as she leaves her house. During the weekends Klara usually has plenty of time and since her favorite bookstore is closed on Sunday, she decides to choose an alternate way through the Green Road towards the park. On her way she notices the beautiful apartment buildings, however most of them are not for rent. Klara has desired to change her current housing for some time. She would like to find a cozy flat in an artistic district. A few weeks ago she had downloaded the ImmoSucheBerlin app, hoping it will help her to conveniently locate an apartment faster. 

While she was standing at an entrance door of a beautiful light yellow tenement house, her cellphone vibrated. When she pulled it out of her pocket, a push notification displayed a message: “In this light yellow house you can find a two-room apartment available for rent”. The notification included a website link with the flat’s profile and a virtual tour. Absolutely elated, Klara immediately decides to click the button “Contact the owner” and typed a message to the owner. Four weeks later, on a rainy Sunday afternoon, Klara is packing boxes before the big move to her new apartment in the beautiful yellow house. “Without the push notification that I got on my smartphone, I would have never known that my dream apartment was located in a beautiful house was available for rent. With a bit of luck and the new App feature, I’ll always have a chance to find new commercial property”. (Klara, 35, self-employed)